Welcome to KeenRush's site, comrade!

This page is a home to my Keen mods and my Keen modding tools and some other classic game modding related stuff.

*** You can download a Keen 1-3 level editor called akeen here: akeen 0.11. I made it for my own use but it should be ok. Have fun. A screenshot you can see here.

*** There is a simple tileset graphics editor for Keen 1-3 called ktiledit here: ktiledit 0.1. The program in action looks like this, the results in game like this.

*** There is a terrain editor for Keen Galaxy called Galaxer1. You can find it here: Galaxer1. Screenshot 1: Galaxer1 in workmode Screenshot 2: level rendered Screenshot 3: gl1-data imported to Abiathar.